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Young uniform police officers Zane Marinelli and Mike Dorigan balance life on the force with their romantic relationships and personal struggles. Zane struggles with the fact that his father is in jail for his mother's murder, and tries to deal with his unstable girlfriend Beatrice, who burned down his apartment. Mike is beginning to get cold feet about his engagement to Elizabeth, a medical student, and his excessive drinking is creating tension in their relationship. The show's visual trademark is its mix of film and video. Written by Azure_Girl

If you have a suspicion that your teen is on drugs, it is important to determine if your suspicions are correct. Some teens experiment with drugs that are easy to acquire such as alcohol or marijuana. Others may experiment with more dangerous drugs such as meth, cocaine, or heroin. There are some warning signs that you should be watching for that may be an indicator that you teenager is using drugs.

Them Teen Beat 4Them Teen Beat 4Them Teen Beat 4Them Teen Beat 4