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Amongst the Forces of Chaos , Warlord -class Chaos Titans are ancient and irreplaceable relics left over from the days of the Horus Heresy . They are the remnants of those Traitor Titan Legions who sided with the Renegade Warmaster Horus during those dark times and whose blasphemous names still echo with dread thousands of Terran years later. The majority of these monstrous war engines have seen millennia of service with Chaotic forces and have long since become utterly corrupted by the touch of the Ruinous Powers and the Warp . To differentiate these corrupted Warlords from their Imperial counterparts, the Imperium has designated these war machines with different class names that have been happily adopted by these Titans' Renegade crews. The Chaos Warlord -class Titan has four different variants depending on which God of Chaos the Titan is aligned with. Even though there are different versions of the Chaos-altered Warlord -class Titan, the most commonly seen variant operating with the Forces of Chaos is the Banelord Titan.

1. THE CURE – happy birthday
2. THE ADVERTS – bored teenagers
3. MÜHLHEIM ASOZIAL – der Skandinave
4. BIRTHDAY PARTY – happy birthday
5. TRICK 17 – wenn die Russen kommen
6. REAGAN YOUTH – degenerated
7. ASTA KASK – lägg av!
8. THE PARTISANS – 17 years of hell
9. EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS – feeling left out
10. METAL BOYS – colt 45
11. THE ADOLECENTS – amoeba
12. STALAG 17 – bologna reprime
13. CONFLICT – the serenade is dead
15. YOUTH OF TODAY – breakdown the wall
16. DAF – verschwende deine Jugend
17. THE CURE – 17 seconds

Time also hasn’t been particularly kind to its special effects, which, even by 1983 standards, have a distinctly painted-on feel. The exceptions are the tangibly scarred downtown streets and blown-out buildings, which were smashed up by a production that descended on Lawrence like its own purgative fire. Meyer then reportedly paid hundreds of locals $75 a head to shave them bald and plaster on latex scars until they resembled sickly, molting chickens, which the townspeople eagerly took on as a fun little brush with movie magic.

The surviving Imperial Fists were split into four Chapters during the Second Founding . The younger warriors became the Crimson Fists , while Dorn's chosen warriors remained the Imperial Fists , and the orbital assault specialists formed the ranks of the infamous Soul Drinkers Chapter.

Destructors Armageddon In ActionDestructors Armageddon In ActionDestructors Armageddon In ActionDestructors Armageddon In Action