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2017 may be remembered as the final curtain for true founders of heavy metal in Black Sabbath, but that's not…

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That's why kids who live in older homes are at a greater risk for lead poisoning. Also at risk are those who immigrate to the United States or are adopted from a foreign country that doesn't regulate the use of lead. Children with a history of the disorder  pica (persistent and compulsive cravings to eat non-food items, like dirt, paint chips, or clay) also are at risk for lead poisoning.

Cities of Darkscorch Metal Board Game
This roleplaying game comes with two LPs of music to go with it. This seems like quite the immersive game for metalheads. The video on Cities of Darkscorch's homepage will do a much better job of explaining the game.
$100 via Numero Group

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Detoxamin 1000 mg EDTA  Suppositories  -   Replaced By     Kelatox  or  Medicardium
Detoxamin has been closed by the FDA, we do not expect them to come back.*

Heavy Metal Kids DeliriousHeavy Metal Kids DeliriousHeavy Metal Kids DeliriousHeavy Metal Kids Delirious