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The amazing brand new album of Skylark "Twilights of Sand" is finally available in the Italian and European markets following the incredible success in Japan where the album stayed on the Japanese Amazon rock/metal chart for 30 days, occupying

position number one for 10 days

and position number two (only behind the new Van Halen release) for another 10 days.


late 14c. ( twilighting ), a compound of twi- + light (n.) Cognate with Dutch tweelicht (16c.), German zwielicht . Exact connotation of twi- in this word is unclear, but it appears to refer to "half" light, rather than the fact that twilight occurs twice a day. Cf. also Sanskrit samdhya "twilight," literally "a holding together, junction," Middle High German zwischerliecht , literally "tweenlight." Originally and most commonly in English with reference to evening twilight but occasionally used of morning twilight (a sense first attested mid-15c.). Figurative extension is first recorded .

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