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The note also discloses that Genesis had been hospitalized another time prior to the ER trip that led to the diagnosis. Read the statement in full below.

The mainstream feminist agenda didn't resonate with her, either. "I didn’t identify with 1970s feminism: it didn't speak for me or the diverse and complex nature of women," Tutti writes. "I was a free spirit and didn't want yet more rules and guilt thrown at me about my actions. Yes, by doing my sex work I was contributing to, but not necessarily endorsing, the thing they were fighting against. But I was no 'victim' of exploitation. I was exploiting the sex industry for my own purposes, to subvert and use it to create my own art. It was my choice."

Head here to pre-order a copy and listen to their iconic single ‘United’, available on The Taste Of TG , below.

TG 40th Anniversary Q&A and signing + live TG modular performance by Chris Carter Throbbing Gristle in association with Industrial Records, Mute, Tiptop Audio and ...

Widely regarded as the band's finest hour, 1978's . effortlessly surpasses Second Annual Report both in its ballsy, forceful execution and its passionate range. If TG are Fleetwood Mac, then is their Rumors : the sound of a band alchemically transforming romantic upheaval into their sharpest statement. In a proggy gambit worthy of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, . explodes the idea of a unified album into a suite of collective songs punctured by four solo pieces from each band member. Sleazy's "Valley of the Shadow of Death" is a fetishistic fly-on-the-wall compilation of working-class men and boys talking shit, a sonic file folder of vanished moments that are naggingly unclear (Chit chat? Hustling?). Gen's melancholic pleading on his solo effort "Weeping" couldn't be further from the tranquility of Cosey's idyllic "Hometime" , and this polar juxtaposition flags the album's messy personal backstory (the album was recorded after Gen and Cosey's ongoing romance imploded, and Chris and Cosey's lifelong partnership began). But the standout solo track is surely Chris Carter's celestial arpeggio staircase "AB/7A" , a clear influence upon the now-much-imitated Emeralds aesthetic of heart-tugging synth mandalas.

Throbbing Gristle was formed in London, UK in 1975 out of the ashes of international performance art group COUM Transmissions . Founding members Cosey Fanni Tutti , Chris Carter , Peter Christopherson and Genesis P-Orridge , as well as artist Monte Cazazza ( a collaborator and friend of the band ), coined the phrase "Industrial Music For Industrial People" to describe the dehumanization and mechanization of music making they in part wanted to evoke. Aside from inventing a completely new musical genre ( Industrial Music ) Throbbing Gristle… read more

Throbbing Gristle At Now Society Sheffield UniversityThrobbing Gristle At Now Society Sheffield UniversityThrobbing Gristle At Now Society Sheffield UniversityThrobbing Gristle At Now Society Sheffield University