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Shivaye says I know Om, name, blood and family matters to me, you all thought I will break down after knowing truth, so Anika left me and made you swear not to tell me anything. Rudra comes and asks did you get to know. Shivaye says I know everything, I have no complains from you two, I know you both are my brothers and love me a lot, you were protecting me, knowing I will break down knowing about blood and family, Anika says this doesn’t matter to her, I know this doesn’t matter to you two, but it matters to me, I m not what I thought I was, I m……. They cry.

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Big Star Dont Lie To Me mispress ThirteenBig Star Dont Lie To Me mispress ThirteenBig Star Dont Lie To Me mispress ThirteenBig Star Dont Lie To Me mispress Thirteen