Evelyne hanack tamarindo - Evelyne Hanack Tamarindo

An obscure Vince Tempera arranged release, written by that devil writer that is Cristiano Malgioglio and from that Pandora’s box that is 1977. Yes, another chicken-themed song blatantly written under-the-influence! When asked about this, he said he couldn’t remember anything about it, of course he did, but was clearly too ashamed someone still remembered this. Anyways, I have a soft spot for this track, particularly when the choirs go “Disco Salsa-Disco Co-Co”. WTF? tag clearly deserved, needless to say.

I know I know, many of you are wondering “is this really disco”?
Historical facts show that many italian progressive-rock bands active during the late ’70s were intensely fascinated by the disco sound/arrangements, but it was seemingly quite embarassing to show any interest for the Disco movement in public.
Here at Overfitting Disco we actually own *numerous* vinyl evidences proving so far the progressive-rock / disco connection in Italy was absolutely effective. This happened in other countries as well: think about Germany and the disco-influenced Krautrock tunes…….
“Classe Unica” is a band that issued just a handful of singles for a very tiny label, and this is a rare and overlooked gem from 1977, could it be another year? Defo not.
Anyways, despite the glam-rockish taste, please welcome this very “borderline” disco bomb…….

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Evelyne Hanack Tamarindo