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 · Alan Tudyk , Actor: Rogue One. Alan Tudyk was born in El Paso, Texas, and grew up in Plano, where he attended Plano Sr. High. In …

It is with a heavy ♥️ to say that my dear friend for over 30 years has lost a fight, I know you want to kick my ass for not getting up more and I’ll live with that the rest of my life, You were one of a kind, a special person, a dear friend who saw no wrong in anyone, who has a heart of gold and was always looking out for the other guy. I miss you so much already. We met the day you knocked on my door in Smithtown to sell world-book, the boys and I were having pop-tarts I invited you in we chatted and I went up to get a book to show you when I came back “You ate my pop-Tart, from the moment on we were friends through thick and thin, I was always trying to get you to throw stuff out yes Barbara liked holding on to stuff I know you are thinking of the kitchen, de cluttering to make a great place to study, I never saw 1 person with so many plastic containers. Painting, selling cookies the diet ones, had a blast with that one and the hours cleaning houses, you had so many gifts most of the time you spread yourself out way to thin, I love you and will always have you with me I don’t know who I am calling all hours of the night when I need to chat. Keep an eye on us hereRIP My friend see you on the other side

Sonny Fisher 3 Oh Love This Is SonnySonny Fisher 3 Oh Love This Is SonnySonny Fisher 3 Oh Love This Is SonnySonny Fisher 3 Oh Love This Is Sonny