Rf7 fall in - Magnus Carlsen Plays Vishy Anand for the World Chess Title

The first decision came in Game 8. It seemed that Carlsen pushed too hard, making positional concessions in favor of vague tactics that probably made the chess hustlers in the Washington Square happy. Karjakin committed a few inaccuracies and Carlsen was still in the game. Have a look at the last two moves of the game to understand how difficult and tense the battle was.

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Vassily Ivanchuk is a dangerous player. In the last 20 years he defeated all the world's best players at least once. Sometimes he is moody and his nerves play tricks on him. Otherwise, he could have been the world champion long time ago. He lost five games on time in London, but his game against Carlsen went on and on. It turned out to be the longest game of the tournament, 90 moves long. It was not going well for the Norwegian most of the time. "I was ridiculously impractical," Carlsen said afterwards. He had a draw at hand after 70 moves, but blundered on his next move.

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