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In 2012 Wet Willie released a new live CD "Miles of Smiles" on the Hittin' The Note Records label. They continue to tour with three original members including original lead singer Jimmy Hall, brother Jack Hall on bass and vocals, sister Donna Hall Foster on vocals as well as other long time members, drummer . Lively, Ric Seymour on guitar and vocals, Ricky Chancey on guitar and newest member, keyboardist Bobby Mobley.

She still is assessing the damage, but while kitchen equipment appears to be functioning, baseboards and carpet will have to be replaced, and she is unsure about the furniture.

Willie’s is the home of Great Food and More Fun!
We take pride in our quality ingredients, hand-breaded to order food, local products, and seasonal Texas traditions. Our large patios and walls of garage doors offer a unique, casual, indoor/outdoor dining experience. With sand boxes and arcades for the kiddos, ice-cold beer for the adults, and wide menu of scratch-made recipes, Willie’s has something for everyone. So, grab your friends and family and head to Willie’s to kick back and relax on Texas’ best patio with casual eats and Texas hospitality!

[Main storyline in this installment was created by a writer called Rusty Marz. It is from his original score titled (Jason's Mother Load)]

* * * * *

It was 2:00 in the morning, I slept with my knees bent, tenting the covers with my knees. Between my wide spread legs was my semi-hard cock, rubbery long from having just ejaculated. Jennie was still coughing on an abnormally large discharge from my abnormally large cock. For the tenth time in as many nights, Jennie would creep to my room nearly naked, and crawl under the covers to pry my legs apart.

In discreetness, as to avoid the headboard and bedsprings from giving her away, Jennie would not suck my cock for rapid results. Instead she would cram as much of my meat into her mouth and nurse it with just her hand, tongue, lips, and throat. It would take hours sometimes this way while my giant cock would slowly expand in her mouth, forcing her face nearly a foot from my abdomen.

She lay with the covers hiding her, all but her calves. Usually they waved high in the air when I am blasting cum down throat, and always the same pair of crimson-red high-heeled shoes on her feet. She'll remain here all night long, my cock deep in her mouth. She has always come without a word, and always left that way. She always acts so mysterious, top secret manner to avoid being caught. But she must be aware of the shuffling of feet and faint murmurs just on the other side of my locked bedroom door. For at least a week now, noises have followed her here. Two sets of feet shadowed from the lit hallway outside my door, usually, would have to be of course, Mom, as well as Jennie's daughter.

Excuse me! Did I mention that Jennie is my Mom's younger sister?

This still has me puzzled as to what to do. I wonder if she wants to have sex with me, or just to eat my load. She is so sexy that if she does not halt this activity, soon I'll demand more myself!.

I try to figure the origin of this, and can only imagine that she overheard me telling my mother how horny Aunt Jennie makes me. My Aunt is nearly naked around the house. Transparent nighties, low cut halters, daisy-duke shorts, and braless sweaters. So Mom certainly understood my comment, although it wasn't the truth. Well not the whole truth.

It may have all started after a trip to the Doctor's for what they called, acute Congested Seminal Syndrome.

I'm 6'4" and 260 lbs and still have a penis abnormally large for my size. Their major concern with shocked discovery was that I had never once ejaculated. Not in my 18 years of life.

I figure that it all started when Aunt Jennie overheard what I said, and that's . The disturbing thing is that if she overheard what I had said at that moment, she must have saw what I did!


Squatting in front of my chair, my Mom was eye-to-eye with the colossal bulge that towered above my spread legs. My nut-sack, bigger than the fist of most men, was ballooning out from my jock strap. Because of the stretching that my huge hardening cock caused, the jock material was being tested.

I still wore my sweater, but only my athletic jock supporter was it, from the waist down. Mom was amazed at the stretching I was giving the jumbo-sized jock, I vaguely heard her mumbling something about {cocks...horses...chest...reach}, whatever.

"I know this is embarrassing, but the Doctor said you should do this. So let it go...let it go Willie!" she said while scooting between my legs.

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine Mom encouraging me to cum, and certainly not when she was face to face with my bloated hard-on. Even in my jock it was bigger than an extra large European cucumber. 'Doctor's orders', she reminded me. And if it helped my problem out, she seemed eager to watch. On top of that, Mom seemed flabbergasted with what the Doctor told us, I guess she needed to see it for herself.

"Do it for me Willie! Empty these balls into your big Jock!" she encourage while delicately probing at the base of my swollen nuts. They hung invitingly over the edge of the seat.

"Ma...Mom! You, you can't do that!" I stuttered.

"Do what!?" she teased, while using her other hand to squeeze the girth of my concealed cock with a finger and her thumb. "You know what the Doctor said..." she hinted while slowly spreading her thighs. "...I just thought I could help by...well, why don't you show me how much you like mommie's panties".

"You, you can't do, do that Mom! That will make me, me..."

"CUM!" she hissed, her eyes growing big. "Show me Willie! Shoot your big load while looking at Mommie's panties! I know that's what you want!", she said as she lifted her little perfumed panties to my raging hard-on.

"N,N,Nooo" I moaned, but gawking at the sheer lacy panties cupping Mom's bushy cunt.

In the few seconds that it took mom to reveal her tiny mound, I had to grab the sides of the chair, bracing myself for what was to come.

"This is really going to be bi,big one M,M,Mom!" I warned her, focussed on the tiny turfs of hair curling past the frilly edges of her snug panties.

"Oh yes Willie! Show me what the Doctor meant!" she said, massaging my balls with one hand while stroking my cock with the other. That was all it took to send me over the edge. My asscheeks tightened as I arched my humonguous cock up at Mom's thinly covered cunt.

"Oooooohhhh! Here it,it cu,cu,cuuuuummms!" I moaned as hot cum raced from my balls to the tip of my bloated cock.

Mom was staring intently at the twitching bulb of my cockhead, wich felt as though it would rip right thru my jock strap.

"Shoot it right here! Right on Mommie's panties!" she shouted, humping her open legs towards my face.

"Aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh!". My creamy cum jettisoned into my jumbo cup strap. I felt the force and volume of the first spurt balloon my tight mesh jock like a blowfish.

"Ohh Jesus Willie! I,I can see...". As she spoke, another shot fired out of my bolting cock. "Oh fuck baby!" she screamed as my jock ballooned again, only this time, cum blowing from my jock and satuating her tight little pantied crouch.

"Ohhhhh fuuuccckkk!". I had to spread my legs to make more room in my beat-up jock. Hot cum in my cup felt like gravy being squeezed from a turkey baster.

Cum was spurting from my jock, the second blast of my nutts had caused the strap to ride high up the base of my cock.

"Yeahhhh!". The dam had broke causing a rush of cum to escape the opening.

"My god Willie! Its pouring from your shorts!", she exclaimed.

"Unnngggghhhh! Unnggghhh!". I was grunting as the size of my cock and the force of its cum had stretched the jock to its limits. The strap under my leg had had it, snapping its attachment and flapping against Mom's leg.

"Ooohhh Mommm!". I was transfixed on the wetness at the pad of her sheer panties. "I,I bet Dad couldn't do,do that M,M,Mom!", I bragged while surging my cock right up into her wide spread legs.

"Oh Jesus Willie! No he couldn't! But you did! And your'e soaking mommie's pretty panties!", she cried.

"I,I'm cu,cumming all o,over your pant...panties Mom!" I stammered, still cumming in buckets.

Another thrust upward, and another load of cum gushed from my cock to blow from the opening of my torn jock. Mom seemed delirious with exitement, and to my suprise, began tearing at my jock to get hold of my thundering cockmeat.

"N,n,noo! Mom!" I begged, but she managed in rapture to rip the other leg strap of my jock.

I,I need to,to see it baby!" she begged.

"Bu,bu,but Mom! I, I'm gonna, gonna, Ohh!". My balls contracted, bursting another heavy cum the moment Mom freed my cock.

"Ohh fuck yeah! That's my boy!", she said as a huge wad of nutt pelted the entire front of her silk blouse. "Its so fucking biiig Willie! Shoot it in Mommie's...oh yeah baby! That's my...mmmmpppphhhh...boy!", she managed to blurt out as a single shot burst of my cum had filled her mouth to overflowing.

"You can do,do it Mom...swallow my big load!" I coached, noticing her struggling with my pace.

"Mummph...Mummph...Mummph!" she swallowed, with no time to cry out in ecstacy as my thick cum spilled down her chin and neck.

Each time she choked, Mom turned her head away defensivly and my heavy shooting cummage loudly splattered her cheeks and parted her silky hair.

By the time I hosed my nutts empty, I had coated mom's beautifull face and hair, soaked her silk blouse, and drenched her snug panties.

"Oh my god Willie!...What got you so exited in the first place?" Mom asked me, while still gripping my rigid cock.

I was much too ashamed to tell her the truth, even after her affectionate display. I quickly thought to use my Aunt Jennie to blame, so I wouldn't insult my little Mom, or to upset her.

But then Mom rolled her hips back on my cock to show me her panties wich was drench by both our juices. Maybe she was disappointed by my answer.

"But it was your Mommies panties that made you cum so hard! Right baby?", she sheepishly asked.

"I guess,um...I guess it was Mom".

What I later realized was my Mom's disappointment with me for mentioning Aunt Jennie after her efforts, and suprised me with her competitive nature.

"Oh baby, you make your Mommie so horny!". And then she turned around on her knees, and leaned down on her elbows. Pushing back so that her wet pantied ass was resting against my crotch. Mom looked over her shoulder and said, "You should know that your Daddy has never fucked Mommie in the ass!".


If I am right, Aunt Jennie heard me tell Mom that it was she who was responsible for my medical condition. So she has taken the initiative to not allow my condition to relapse.

Or maybe she has a competive nature of her own. After seeing what Mom and I did, she wouldn't stand for Mom to be the only nurse to take care of the patient.

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