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For the 1984 tour to promote Under Wraps , Jethro Tull offered artistic stage production as usual. In a manner quite similar to the Thick as a Brick tour, the roadies appeared onstage sweeping the floor, counting the audience and studying the place. All band members and instruments were covered in "wraps", with Anderson then releasing them and the music starting. [6] During the tour, Anderson suffered from vocal problems, resulting in throat surgery and an extended hiatus from the band.

The group's second album, with Anderson (vocals, flute, acoustic guitars, keyboards, balalaika), Martin Barre (electric guitar, flute), Clive Bunker (drums), and Glen Cornick (bass), solidified the group's sound. There is still an element of blues, but except for "A New Day Yesterday," it is far more muted than on their first album, as Mick Abrahams ' blues stylings are largely absent from Martin Barre 's playing. The influence of folk music also began to manifest itself ("Look Into the Sun"). The instrumental "Bouree," which could've been an early Blood, Sweat & Tears track, became a favorite concert number, although at this point Anderson 's flute playing on-stage needed a lot of work; by his own admission, he just wasn't that good. Bassist Cornick would last through only one more album, but he gets his best moments here, on "Bouree." As a story song with opaque lyrics and jarring tempo changes, "Back to the Family" is the forerunner to Thick as a Brick . The only major flaw in this album is the mix, which divides the electric and acoustic instruments and fails to find a solid center. The LP comes with a "pop-up" jacket interior.

What was a main challenge of making a work of string quartets yet still retaining the fundamental nature of Jethro Tull?
Well, it was a side project that I had in mind to do for a while, and last year, there was the opportunity between tours, or sitting in dressing rooms, or in hotel lobbies, to work on the idea with our keyboard player John O’Hara . And we came up with a number of songs, some of which were challenging to convert into the traditions of the string quartet, with a classical sense of arranging and writing, and some of which were kind of easier. We put that together and I found a string quartet who were based in, as luck would have it, not far away from where I live [in the .]; which was a great alternative to having to travel, perhaps, to Prague, to work with the Skampa Quartet, who I’ve worked with in the past and who are very good. And we recorded in the crypt of Worcester Cathedral, and then in a tiny church out in the middle of the countryside of the .—not because I was looking for the acoustic value of those buildings but really just for the spiritual [environment] and the gravitas that comes from working in that kind of an environment.   

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Jethro Tull Songs From The WoodJethro Tull Songs From The WoodJethro Tull Songs From The WoodJethro Tull Songs From The Wood