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Ken Sharp 's new book Dreamer: The Making of Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue is now available for order. The 416-page book examines the backstory of DW's signature masterpiece. It is structured as an oral history, with interviews from many of the album's participants, fellow BBs, and family members. The book is available in soft-cover for $35 plus shipping, and in a very limited signed hardcover edition for $55 plus shipping. It's only available directly from Sharp, email him at to order your copy. More information . (updated 11-17-17)

"They're all cousins, friends and brothers." They are America's band and the soundtrack to summer. The Beach Boys story is fascinating, full of twists and turns, tragedies and triumphs, but most of all it is a story of 50 years of wonderful music that has made the world a more harmonious place for us to live for over five decades.

Beach Boys California GirlsBeach Boys California GirlsBeach Boys California GirlsBeach Boys California Girls