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In Exodus 10:10, Pharaoh says to Moses and Aaron, during one of their ongoing exchanges, רְא֕וּ כִּ֥י רָעָ֖ה נֶ֥גֶד פְּנֵיכֶֽם ( reʾu ki raʿa neged penekem) , literally “see, for there is evil before you,” or more idiomatically “look, you are up to no good.”  By sheer coincidence, the Hebrew word רָעָה raʿa “evil” is the name of the Egyptian sun-god Ra, the head of the pantheon.  In this bilingual pun, made possible by this linguistic coincidence, not only does Pharaoh deny the request of the Israelites to worship their God, but he also states, as it were, “that Ra is before you.” [2]  

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Spreading out, scattering,
then gathering, re forming,
becoming as one again

With death from exhaustion always threatening
the cry "koakoa" is the rope
that binds them together.

The flock's cry of
"Keep close together"
comes from inside throats
searching for sanctuary.

A godwit
a hovering godwit,
one single bird,
has landed on the sand bank.

It has settled over there
and others are landing beside it .

Now they have all landed here.

Sun Ra Sun SongSun Ra Sun SongSun Ra Sun SongSun Ra Sun Song