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Do you like to eat parrots and keys? Oops! Seems we just made an example of a Spoonerism using "carrots and peas". Spoonerisms - named for the Rev. William …

When Jocie and I purchased our home, the deck was already a bit neglected. It was bad enough that you’d easily get splinters, and subsequently we never spent too much time on the deck. If you know anything about decks, they require periodic cleaning and sealing to combat mother nature. Fred and Kim went through the process with their pine deck and used Behr Premium Deck Sealer . After witnessing their experience, I was convinced composite decking was the way to go. However, the cost for materials to re-board the deck was high enough for me to abandon the idea. Needless to say, I was excited about a low-cost alternative that would enable us to enjoy our deck again.

So, if you could somehow secure written permission from someone at Tesla, then maybe you could sell or transfer your reservation. It’s likely that Tesla chose to include this language for extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, even attempting to do so is a bad idea. If Tesla found out, they would cancel your reservation. But wait … you didn’t want it anyway correct? We’re kidding … it’s still a bad idea legally.

DJ Trebor Getting Ready