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Listen Like Thieves is the fifth studio album by INXS . The Sydney-based group had formed in 1977 by the three Fariss brothers: Andrew on guitar and keyboards, Jon on percussion and drums, and Tim on guitar, along with Garry Gary Beers on bass guitar, Michael Hutchence as lead vocalist, and Kirk Pengilly on guitar, saxophone, and vocals. [1] [2] [3] Their previous album, The Swing (April 1984), had local chart success peaking at number one on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart and No. 6 in New Zealand . [4] [5] Although appearing on international charts – No. 52 on United States Billboard 200 , [6] and No. 27 on the Canadian RPM 100 Albums [7] – INXS wanted to improve their worldwide impact. [8]

Just four dates into the tour, it has become clear that eleven years after the band originally formed in Sydney, Australia, INXS is the newest Next Big Thing. The band's sixth album, Kick – powered by steamy, insinuating hits like "Need You Tonight" and "Devil Inside" – has been riding high on the charts since it was released last fall, and the band's audiences have been larger and more frenzied than ever before in this country.     

The girl’s mother (my publicist) drives us back to Cannes and drops us off. After a night of clubs and hotel room parties and no sleep, Michael and I arrive at my publicist’s apartment and escort her daughter to school early the next morning. The young girl points out the boys that had been harassing her and Michael approaches them and in bad French, informs them of the physical violence they will receive at his hands if they ever harass our young friend again. The incredulous boys throw stones at him and abuse him loudly in French informing him in no uncertain terms of their general disregard for his band, INXS.

INXS Listen Like ThievesINXS Listen Like ThievesINXS Listen Like ThievesINXS Listen Like Thieves